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Tracking the game

Tomorrow there won’t be a live in game chat.  There’s a couple of reasons for that:

1.  I want to enjoy the game with my family, and the chats chain me to my office with a two computer setup.

2.  The chats aren’t re-readable after the fact.

3.  I want to start a new feature:  Key Stats

Key Stats will seek to track two or three important talking points during the game.  Obviously, it won’t be hard to follow the YPC for Joe Addai, but if I want to quantify how effective the Colts blitz is, I’ll have to take my own notes.  For now I’m going to be tracking the play of Charlie Johnson and the effectiveness of the blitz.  I’ll do a post on the results after the game (Sunday night or Monday).

I will do an old-school in game update blog.  Several times a quarter, I’ll post thoughts and updates from the game.