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Week 14 Caldwell Presser: “We’re playing Thursday night like normal!”

Jim Caldwell talks about the plan for Thursday night.

Among his comments are that they are playing this game like a normal week.  There will be no play limitations on anyone.  They are playing the game straight up.  He also mentioned that last week 7 guys couldn’t practice until Thursday.  He said that this week, if that were the case, those guys wouldn’t play.

He made it clear the team won’t discuss their plans for future games, but they are focused on this week like any other week. That’s the right strategy, of course.You play this week and worry about next week, next week.

The injury report isn’t ready yet, so there’s no way to know just how many guys will be “treating it like a normal week”, but this should mean that Peyton and company will be on the field the whole game Thursday.