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We’re #1! We’re #1!

As was noted a couple of times in the comments and as the Star reported yesterday, Your Indianapolis Colts came in first in ESPN’s goofy fan satisfaction survey. So there you have it. All it take to have the best franchise in sports is an exciting team, a classy coach, win a Super Bowl, have a cool owner, and build a new stadium. It’s interesting that the Colts’ worst category was in stadium satisfaction, because I can only assume that refers to the RCA Dome and not the new facility.
The Reds came in a middling 59th, and the Pacers were 112th out of 122, but that puzzles me. They only rated a 53 in stadium. Conseco is the single best place to watch basketball in the NBA, and one of the 20 best venues in sports. 53 seems ridiculously low.