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Who to Root For UPDATE

Losses by the Jags and Pats and a win by Pittsburgh mean that Colts’ fans who want the Steelers and Texans out of the playoffs need to root FOR Denver, Baltimore and the Jets.

A Denver, Baltimore, or Jets win eliminates the Steelers completely.

If the Ravens and Jets both win, the Ravens are the 5 and will play AT Cincy and the Jets would play AT New England. The Ravens would play at NE and the Jets would be the 5 and play at Cincy.

The best case scenario for the Colts would be a Denver win, a Jets win, and a Baltimore loss. That would send the Jets to New England and Denver to Cincinnati.  It would accomplish our dream scenario of the worst teams making the playoffs and the Pats getting the three seed.

Really, everything depends on the Jets game.  That would now officially give NE the three seed.