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Who to Root for: Week 11

The Colts face another tough test in Baltimore this week.  They are closing in on locking up a bye.  The other AFC powers can’t afford to slip up.  Let’s take a look at the important games of week eleven in the NFL. 

Easy Calls

Pittsburgh at Kansas City:  Call me crazy, but this game could be closer than you think.  The Steelers haven’t played well without Troy Polamalu, who will be out. 

Cincinnati at Oakland:  Another 7-2 team heading out west to face a struggling 2-7 team.  Chances are either the Bengals or Steelers will lose.  That’s just life in the NFL.  The Bengals have an easy stretch of @Oak, CLE, DET.  It would be nice if the Raiders came alive and pulled off the upset.   

San Diego at Denver:  I want the Broncos to win because I think they are the worse team.  It is as simple as that.  I’ve never been in the camp that says the Chargers are Indy’s kryptonite.  I look at it the same way I viewed the Patriots, who knocked the Colts out in consecutive years.  When the Colts are the better team they will beat San Diego.  That said, I always root against Norv and Rivers.  They’re just annoying. 

New York (A) at New England:  The ultimate easy call. 

Tough Calls

Tennessee at Houston:  Hard to root for either team here.  I’m open to arguments either way.  The Titans are hot.  I wouldn’t mind seeing them get blown off the field.  It would be hard to root for Houston, though.  At least we get the Texans on a short week. 

AFC Playoff Standings

1.)  Indianapolis (9-0)

2.)  Cincinnati (7-2)

3.)  Denver (6-3)

4.)  New England (6-3)

5.)  Pittsburgh (6-3)

6.)  San Diego (6-3)

7.)  Jacksonville (5-4)

8.)  Baltimore (5-4)

9.)  Houston (5-4)