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Who to Root for: Week 12

It’s nearing crunch time.  The Colts find themselves in an enviable position, to say the least.  It is very difficult to decide who to root for until you’ve decided how you would like the final AFC standings to look.  DZ and I talked it over this morning and this is what we came up with…

1.  Indianapolis

2.  San Diego

3.  New England

4.  Cincinnati

5.  Denver

6.  Pittsburgh

This seeding order would mean a couple things:  First, it would ensure that the Colts would not have to play both San Diego and New England en route to the Super Bowl.  A good thing, right?  Second, it would ensure a very difficult route for both New England and Pittsburgh.  The Pats would have to beat the Steelers at home, the Chargers on the road, and then likely the Colts on the road.  Indy, on the other hand, would likely play the winner of Denver and Cincinnati in the divisional round and then either New England or San Diego in the AFC championship.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at the important NFL games of week twelve.

Easy Calls

Cleveland at Cincinnati:  The Bengals are still a threat for the one seed.  They need to lose one more time.

Jacksonville at San Francisco:  Someone needs to put the Sparklecats out of their misery.  That team has no business making in the playoffs, and would only serve as fodder for whoever hosts them.

Arizona at Tennessee:  Same story here.  I don’t see any benefit in rooting for the Titans to stay hot.  Although it might force management to keep VY.  Hmm… 

New England at New Orleans:  The Pats in the three seed would be ideal.  Losing this game would go a long way towards this happening.

Tough Calls

Kansas City at San Diego:  The Chargers are still alive for the one seed.  I hope they lose, but they can’t lose too many more games if the above scenario is to play out. 

Pittsburgh at Baltimore:  The Steelers aren’t really an essential part of our “plan”, so I’ll root against them.  I dislike them. 

Current AFC Playoff Standings

1.  Indianapolis (10-0)

2.  Cincinnati (7-3)

3.  San Diego (7-3)

4.  New England (7-3)

5.  Denver (7-4)

6.  Jacksonville (6-4)

7.  Pittsburgh (6-4)

8.  Baltimore (5-5)

9.  Houston (5-5)

10.  Miami (5-5)