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Who to Root For-Week 15

Let’s take a quick look at the Colts rooting interests this weekend…

First, our ideal order of finish:

1. Colts (locked)

2.  San Diego-Let’s be realistic.  It would be great if the Chargers finish 3rd, but I doubt it’s going to happen.  Ultimately, I’d rather put NE and SD against each other in round two ahead of any other scenario.

3.  New England-This forces the Pats and Chargers to play each other before Indy.  I’m still convinced NE is the third best team in the conference.

4.Cincinnati-They have to play somewhere.  Indy would almost assuredly play the winner of the Cincy Denver game.

5. Denver-I’m confident the Colts will handle Marshall better with a full compliment of corners

6.  New York Jets-The worst of the wild card teams, they lost to the Jags at home.  Indy is 4-0 against Baltimore, Miami and Jacksonville, so none of those teams are scarey.  None will win at New England anyway.

Pats @ Bills

I want the Pats to play San Diego, so I’m pulling for them to win.  If NE loses, then I’ll root for the Bengals today.  Who am I kidding?  I want Brady to toss 6 picks.

Falcons @ Jets


Miami @ Titans

Who do you want to see less in January?

Raiders @ Broncos

I wouldn’t mind seeing Denver totally fall apart.

Texans @ Rams

Probably doesn’t matter, but I’d rather not see Houston again after two close games.

Bears @ Ravens

No fear of Baltimore, but still.

Bengals @ Chargers

If the Pats lose, then this switches to being a pro-Bengals pick.  I don’t think they will, so I’ll go with SD for now.

Green Bay @ Pittsburgh

Let’s just cut the head off of that monster once and for all.  Forgive me for never wanting to see Pittsburgh in the playoffs again.