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Why not run?

Let’s take a look at the Colts run selection yesterday:

Drive one: 3 runs (0 yards) all on 1st and 10, 6 passes
Drive two: 1 run (1 yard) on 1st and 6, 10 passes (I’m counting Manning’s scramble as a pass)
Drive three: 1 run (4 yards) on 2nd and 1, 4 passes
Drive four: 1 run (5 yards) on 1st and 10, 2 passes
Drive five: 3 runs (8 yards) on 1st and 10, 1st and 1, 2nd and 1, 6 passes
Drives six and seven: NO runs, 7 passes
Drive eight (lone TD drive): 4 runs (18 yards) on 1st and 10, 2nd and 1, 1st and 10, 3rd and 1, 7 passes
Drive nine (kill the clock): 4 runs (20 yards). The last two runs were almost more of kneel downs as the goal was to run just a couple of extra seconds and then go down.

We can complain about the lack of production, but it seems to me that this indicates a lack of commitment to the run game. The Colts did not run except on extremely obvious run downs (1st down or 2nd or 3rd and 1). They got in one of those streaks where Manning forgets to call run plays on 2nd and 6. Again, the line play was horrible most of the day yesterday, so it’s hard to know who to blame. I don’t think Addai looks tired, but I do question exactly how healthy Ugoh and Scott are. These rest weeks couldn’t come at a better time.

Here’s today’s running links:

Clark Judge doesn’t think the Colts can win in NE. His reasoning? They play in a dome. Seriously? That’s your analysis? You could pick any reason: injuries, style of play, whatever. And you pick “they play in a dome”? Hmmm, maybe you should read 18to88.com.

ARod and Scott Boras have had a falling out. Listen, I know that celebrity interviews are about as credible as Vic Ketchman at a MENSA convention, but I found ARod’s comments about taking charge of his life to be very positive. It’s tough for these guys to break with their agents. I’m glad he did.

I know it’s a little weird, but this has really been the limit of coverage. I can’t remember a time when a defending Super Bowl Champ went 12-2, won it’s division, had a top 5 offense and the number 2 defense and got less attention than this Colts team. It’s kind of funny. And wonderful. Under the radar, baby. Under the radar. By the way, there is an interesting discussion of the above points going on in the comments section. I think I’ve made some clarifications to my above arguments that should illuminate the topic. Be sure to check it out.

Almost as if to prove my point, the only way to read about the Horse is to check out this horror show of a list. In a list of some of the worst teams in NFL history, the Colts take three of the top 8 slots. Ugh. I went to games in everyone of those seasons. In fact, the 1986 Bills game was my first ever Colts game. All I can remember about those days is that everyone called them the Dolts and the acronym C.ount O.n L.osing. T.his S.unday was popular.

I was listening to the Jets win in 1991 on the radio. I was working with my dad on a Sunday afternoon, and we were celebrating.

The ’97 team was the first year that we purchased our own tickets (we were paying for an aunt’s tickets who had moved to CA for many years before that). That Green Bay win is listed on our Greatest Colts Wins list.

Man, did we ever deserve that Super Bowl.