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Why The Colts Will Score More Than The Other Guys – Browns Edition

Hello, Colts fans. The key to football is to score more points than the other guys.

I know this and you know this, but our friends in the media need something to talk about in order to justify their jobs. Earlier this summer, a certain baseball announcer acknowledged to me that yes, I was right, the team really does just need to score more than the other guys. Yet each time a game rolls around, there he is giving us keys to the game that never include the bit about scoring.

As he is a highly-compensated professional, I figure that the creation of keys that turn no locks must be a growth industry. So now, it’s my turn.

Welcome to Why The Colts Will Score More Than The Other Guys

Who: The Cleveland Browns vs. the Indianapolis Colts.

What: Week 3 of the 2017 NFL season.

Where: Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN.

When: 1 PM Eastern, Sunday, September 23. TV: CBS. We’ve hit rock bottom, folks. We get the exciting team of Beth Mowins and Jay Feely. Gag. I admire Beth for being a pioneer for females in broadcasting NFL games, but her voice drives me absolutely crazy. Before you accuse me of sexism, please note there are more male broadcasters I can say the same for than I could possibly list here. And Jay Feely? Shout out to you for those two missed field goals when your team took a big fat “L” in Indy at the 2009-10 AFCCG. If you want to catch other NFL action, you can see what’s on here.

Why the Colts will score more than the other guys:

I’m certain a variety of factors will come together and produce a victory for the home team so that we here in Indiana can all enjoy 50% off Papa John’s on Monday. I had a pretty funny post put together, including a bit where Robert Irsay and Art Modell – who screwed Cleveland over way worse than Irsay did Baltimore – met for dinner and Trent Richardson was the waiter.

But then the President had to go and shoot off at the mouth again.

I see so many people telling sports figures to stick to sports. Stick to sports? Really? The President just made sports all about politics with his comments.

If you’re a regular reader, you know I try to keep it light. I try to have fun. I want to have fun. But I can’t keep quiet here.

I don’t like the anthem protests. I wish they’d find another platform. Why? Because that’s how I was raised. I grew up always standing for the anthem in public and I still do so. It’s what *I* believe. I. Me.

But it’s not about me.

We cannot have freedom if we do not allow those whose sight makes our blood boil express the same rights we demand for ourselves. We cannot have freedom of expression if we only want it when it’s a cause we find worthy or supported by a person we happen to like. When we as a country are willing to accept this, only then we will be close to freedom.

Again, I don’t like the anthem protests. I wish they’d find another way.

But I will absolutely, positively, 1000% support any player who wishes to kneel. It’s their right.



Colts 21, Browns 20