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Win Madden 11 from 18to88 (UPDATE)
UPDATE 2:  The tournament has been canceled.  My apologies.
UPDATE:  We are still trying to fill 5 spots for the Tournament.  We have 3 PS3 spots and 2 XBox spots still open.  The tournaments have been cut to 8 man fields, so your odds are better than ever!
I’m not a Madden guy.
There’s all kinds of reasons for that.  I own Madden games.  I just suck at them.  Frankly, my video football skills are limited mostly to Tecmo Bowl, which I still play religiously.
I don’t know why I always find the Madden games so confounding, but I can never find the balance between the easy of Rookie level and the “lose by 45” murderfest that is me playing on All Madden.  I swear I actually got Joe Addai decapitated last week.  That shouldn’t even be possible.  So I always gravitate back to Lawrence Taylor and Bo Jackson in the 1988 classic.
However, I fully recognize that most of you are not 85 year old shut-ins, and therefore play games with a few more pixels.  Because of that, I’m pleased to announce that 18to88.com is going to make it easier than ever for you to humiliate your friends and fellow readers in an epic FREE Madden tournament.
In cooperation with Rivalspot.com,18to88.com is hosting a pair of Madden Tournaments (one for PS3 and one for XBox).  We are looking for 16 bold Madden players to show up online next Friday night and play Madden 10.  The winners will each receive a free copy of Madden 11.
Yes, that’s right…
Free tournament = Free Madden 11 for the winners.
I will also post any triumphant bragging the winners wish to engage in right here on 18to88 next Thursday.
Fame.  Fortune.  Free.
What are you waiting for?  Sign up is easy and free.  Just go to Rivalspot.com to join. Here are your instructions on how to set up an account. This tournament is limited to 32 total spots (16 for each system), and it’s strictly first come first serve.  Don’t come whining to me because you were slow on the draw.
Free Madden 11.
All you have to do is earn it.