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Just because there is nothing going on right now in the world of football is no reason Demond and I can’t shoot the breeze anyway.  Yes it’s true, 18 Plays is back!  Well, sort of.  This time we are discussing the 18 biggest issues from this offseason.  As always, you can subscribe to 18 Plays via Itunes, or download it manually right here. 

In other news of note, I want to say a special thank you to the Brewers, Cards, and Cubs for managing to keep my club in the race.  Votto is back now, and thanks to your generosity, the Reds sit just a game back in the loss column.  Brilliant.  I can’t thank you enough.

I also want to repost a chart that I sloppily included in the comments section a few days ago.  A word of explanation.  These are footballoutsiders line rankings for the Colts during the last four years of Tarik Glenn’s career.  They show that the Colts were good at running left during those years, and ranked higher on runs to the left than runs to the right.  Now, this doesn’t prove that Glenn was a great LT, but they do show that he was apparently very good.  Note the 2006 numbers.  The Colts ran very well left, but were only mediocre right.  If nothing else, this shows that Glenn was better at run blocking than his line mates.  Go back and read the discussion if you are confused.  The first number is the ‘adjusted line yards per carry’ for runs that direction.  The second number is the Colts’ ranking in the NFL for that category.  So, in 2006, runs around left end went for 4.55 AYPC, good for 10th in the NFL.  Runs around right end were good for 3.64 AYPC, good for 21st.  As you can see, the Colts were always good running left, and just ok running right.  I think that speaks to Glenn’s ability as a run blocker.

Left End Left Tackle         Center        Right tackle Rightend
2006 4.55 10 5.62 1 4.72 5 4.39 10 3.64 21
2005 5.28 1 4.75 5 4.45 5 5.24 1 4.58 10
2004 5.42 3 5.05 4 4.87 1 4.2 15 4.39 7
2003 4.8 7 4.91 6 4.12 18 4.29 16 4.5 6


I hope Vaden sticks.  I’m betting he does.

Should the Reds deal?  I’m not sure Holliday is the right move.  Honestly, I would like to see them move Arroyo if they can get something for him.  This team is a year away still.  Make one more move and set it up for a big run next season.

This dude says that Edge is OLD.

Jim Irsay is a great owner.  He shells out the green.