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Your 2010 Return to Football Soundtrack

Some or many of you may remember my 2009 Return to Football Soundtrack last year on SB. Well, it’s back again this year, in a new and improved version (including a new hosting site). My purpose for this post remains the same. It’s to get everyone as excited as possible for the return of NFL football today through the use of music! You’ll notice some similarities to last year’s post, but most of the videos are brand new. So, sit back in a recliner (if you have a laptop), grab some headphones, crank the volume on your computer up, and enjoy!

This first part is going to give you the game day experience by focusing on songs that are played on game day in Lucas Oil Stadium.

This first song has been played incessantly while the Colts warm-up every single year since I’ve been a season ticket holder (2004) to the point that it has been ingrained in my head. It’s a great place to start:

This next song is often played right after the stretches during the quick scrimmage-type walkthroughs the Colts do pregame. Most notable about it is that you can often see players like Mathis and Session dancing to this song:

After the stretches and pregame festivities, the Colts often play a couple of highlight videos to get the crowd pumped up before the players come out of the tunnel. This is the soundtrack to the first one they play. The version in the Luke is probably my favorite highlight video ever:

For night and playoff games, they often play one more highlight video to the below song right before kickoff. Not as good as the first one, but I still like it:

You get this next song as the Colts are running out of the tunnel. Just imagine at the beginning of the video, an announcer shouting, “Colts fans, are you ready? Here are your AFC Champion Indianapolis Colts!!!” And then, of course, all of the players run out of the tunnel:

You can hear this song occasionally during the game at random spots (especially that 2-note part you hear in the background), like after commercial breaks:

You can often hear the chorus of this song when the defense is on the field. You could say that it’s the defense’s theme song:

And now we come to the part where the Colts score. They change the song they play after the Colts score frequently, but this is the latest version:

That song always seemed pretty bland to me for the Colts scoring. I very much prefer this song used in many previous years, which was accompanied by various stock footage of people celebrating on the video boards:

Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, they play the below song every time the Colts kick off. Sorry for the crappy quality of the video, but it’s quite literally the only version of it on YouTube:

The powers that be at LOS sure know how to build up suspense and excitement. This is the song they play directly before what is suspected to be the final, game-clinching drive (They try to play it when our defense is on the field.).  You only hear this song at most once per game:

And now we have come to the end of the game. If the Colts have won, then they play this perfectly chosen song as the fans are walking out of the stadium alongside highlights of that game:

If the Colts lose, then you get to leave LOS to the sound of silence, save for a message to drive home safely. Since the sound of silence doesn’t work well as a Youtube video, I’ll replace it with this song, a perfect representation of how you should feel during Colts games, even when the Colts are losing.

So, are you getting excited for football yet? You should be. The rest of this post is going to be dedicated to other songs/relevant videos that should get you psyched for the NFL season.

The NFL Network has an ad campaign every year for their Thursday Night Football package, and they typically pick a “theme song” to go with highlights they show of all the teams that are going to play. They are very good at song selection. Here’s the one from last year (only a sample as the full commercial was removed by the NFL):

And this is the full commercial from 2 years ago:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the actual commercial from 3 years ago  (The song is Tick Tick Boom by The Hives), so I found a replacement video for your enjoyment:

I’ve always loved the network intros done before primetime and playoff games, especially the ones done by CBS. They are brilliantly done and often give me goosebumps even today. I’m going to go rapid fire for these videos, because they need no intro. They are the intro. There is no way that you can watch these and not get excited:

These last two earn special mention as my all-time favorites. They are reason enough for CBS to get the rights to the Super Bowl every year:

As always, it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize:

And, of course, the best sports song you could ever hear:

Well, that’s the end of your 2010 Return to Football Soundtrack. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I loved making it. I guess there’s nothing left to do but ask all of you one last question………………