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You’re pretty cool too, Dom

While Marvin obviously gets most of our attention, it’s important to note that Dom Rhodes is also testing the free agent waters.  It was great having him back this season, and while he could still return to the Horse, it’s important to note that if he does leave, he leaves with well our best wishes.  Upon his retirement, he’ll become a Classic Colt

Highlights for Dom in Indy include:
Filling in for Edge with 1000 yards rushing as an undrafted rookie.  That was an NFL first.
A great kickoff return in the 49th TD game to keep the Colts alive.
100 yards rushing in XLI and a trip to Disney world.

If Dom doesn’t return in 2009, it’ll be too bad.  He’s a solid player and always laid it on the line during his time in Indy.  We wish him all the best, and hope he gets another job somewhere, even if it isn’t in blue and white.


Kuharsky looks at Harrison through the eyes of several scouts.  Nice read.

FO says that history doesn’t bode well for Harrison’s future.  I hope he beats the odds, but none of us really expect it.  We are sad to see Marv go because of what he means to us, and because renegotiating with him was ‘cheaper’ cap wise than cutting him outright.  I do worry we can’t replace his production, but I’m not convinced that he could have repeated his production either. 

Email of the day is from regular reader Major Chris of the USMC:
So, will you fellas join me as I stand outside Marvin Harrison’s house,
holding up a boombox?

“In Your Eyes…”

I not only think that we should immediately retire 88, I think we should
retroactively retire it as well.  Airbrush out any evidence, a la Josef
Stalin, that any Colt ever wore No. 88 prior to Harrison.

Very nice idea, Chris.