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PREVIEW 31: Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins.FINALLY LUCIC IS WHERE HE BELONGS

Days of Y'Orr would apologize for the lack of updates over the weekend, but we're not going to. Saturday was one of those days where the four of us were busy. Justin got whooped in hockey and then went to PAX East. Robb was doing wedding things for the big day in July. Jon was busy helping his doctor redecorate the office because Jon spends so mu ch time there they wanted it to feel more "homey" for him and I was busy being dapper as fuck. 


So I'm not sorry. 

I'm also glad I didn't watch the game on Saturday night because I heard it was a fucking shit show. It was such a shit show that Claude has done something he rarely does and that's change the lines. Yeah, he changed the lines around. The best part about him changing around the lines is Milan Lucic is FINALLY dropped to the third line where he belongs. 

My original preview had a huge Lucic rant, but no one has time for that. Everyone knows my feelings on the guy because he plays like a lazy piece of shit 80% of the time and people love him because in 2007 he put Mike van Rym through the glass once. Good thing he's making $6M next year to score 4 goals in 30 games. 

Or 5 goals in 32 playoffs games (the last two postseasons). 

But he scored 30 goals once (5 of them ENG) and is the second coming of Cam Neely. 

I remember when I saw that contract extension: 


But hey, the Bruins lost to Toronto on Saturday and apparently Maple Leafs fans thought they won the Stanley Cup, which is okay by me because the Bruins have dominated Toronto on and off of the ice for the past few years. They've completely laid waste to Toronto so let the losers get their victory in and we can focus on the Bruins winning championships and shit. 

Surprisingly though Toronto IS in the playoff hunt. They're currently clutching onto the 6th spot with Uncle Daddy Broduer breathing down their neck like they're his kin. I'm sure their wheels are going to fall off soon, they'll fall out of contention and the NHL will go back to being it's usual self. 

Either way, I expect Boston to come out with some fire. Claude's shake up should really send them a message, especially that lumpy fuck wearing 17. Which of course always brings up Jarome Iginla. Matt Barnaby tweeted this out about an hour ago: 




Da fuq are they smoking over there in Calgary. They want a top prospect, a secondary prospect AND a #1 pick for a 35 year old guy with an expiring contract? Get out Jay Feaster, get the fuck out. If anyone is going to give you that in return for Iginla, I'll be surprised – especially when Morrow just went for less to Pittsburgh. 

I love Jarome Iginla. Loved him ever since he came into the league, but that's too much for him. You don't dismantle your farm system for a rental. Gotta give PC credit though, he's pretty shrewd with trading. I don't believe he's ever overpaid in any of the trades he has made because he makes depth related trades. I don't think Calgary will get what they want. They're limited to three teams now that Morrow is in Pittsburgh: Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston. Based on the Monarchs, LA doesn't really have anything of worth either. 

Should be a good few days. 

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There will be no DOYLive tonight.


Justin is going to the game, Jon is possibly dead, Pizz is MIA today and I'm heading to see my new nephew. Don't worry, we'll be back soon. 



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