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35. Boston Bruins at Buffalo Sabres. Buffalo To Be Re-Named The “Can’t Score” City

The Buffalo Sabres organization is a dumpster fire. No, wait, the Buffalo Sabres are a prom night abortion in a dumpster that's on fire. That's probably the best way to describe the way the organization has been constructed, destructed, infected, neglected, inspected and all kinds of different things. Think about it. As early as 2009, the Buffalo Sabres were as legitimate as they were ever going to be. They were a top 10 team in goals, they won the Northeast Division, they had four 20 goals scorers and they had to future Vezina Trophy winner and Mr. America manning their net. 

Then they just kind of fell apart. 

Every year since they won the Northeast, they finished lower and lower in the standings and it culminated with Milan Lucic absolutely destroying Ryan Miller. Since that point, the Buffalo Sabres have been in limbo. First they decided that they have to become a clone of the Bruins and become tough – signing John Scott and trading for Steve Ott – but not actually addressing that neither of these guys can put the puck in the net. 

Then they said to themselves "Well, this isn't working, let's trade our best player for a marginal return and fire everyone!", so they did. They traded Thomas Vanek for Matt Moulson and a couple of picks – one being a first rounder which may give them two top ten picks this year. 

Now Buffalo just flat out sucks, much like the rest of their sports history. 

The Sabres are on pace to score 140 goals this season (they currently have 55). To put that into perspective, the Chicago Blackhawks currently have 134 goals scored as of today. It's a staggering fact, especially when you consider that Buffalo is also on pace for about 20 wins this season. It's disgusting, really, and I feel bad for those poor saps in Buffalo who have no other hockey choice outside of the Rochester Americans. 

In 32 games the Buffalo Sabres don't even have a double digit goal scorer yet. At least Boston has one in Milan Lucic. 

So I want to backtrack on the Vanek deal for a bit. After doing a little research it seems that New York has the option to defer the pick to 2015 if the pick is a top ten pick. So it's entirely plausable that the Islanders get their top ten this year and Buffalo gets stuck with a 15, 20 or later pick next year. It's delicious, absolutely delicious! 

Last is Ryan Miller, who is having a terrible season. This could be because his "best" defenseman (or highest paid) is Tyler Myers – a kid many compare to Zdeno Chara but that's because of how tall they are. Tyler Myers absolutely sucks. When Tyler Myers plays, he is actually killing the sport of hockey. He's a taller Hal Gill. He's gar-bitch. 

One can only hope John Scott is myteriously hit by a bus on the way to the arena because we know how he works:

The sad thing is that there's no Thornton to scrap with should John Scott pull another John Scott. Fuck them, that clown. 

Projected Lines

Kevan Miller was sent down to Providence so Boston didn't have to put him on waivers if they were to send him back down this season. After 10 games, if an AHL player is sent down, they need to clear waivers and there was no way Miller was making it back to Providence. Someone would have scooped him. Him NHL money is cheap (550K) and he's shown he can handle the NHL. Instead they have called up Dav Warsofsky. 

Craig Cunningham also sent down. 

Milan Lucic – David Krejci – Jarome Iginla
Brad Marchand – Patrice Bergeron – Reilly Smith
Carl Söderberg – Ryan Spooner – Matt Fraser
Jordan Caron – Greg Campbell – Nick Johnson

Zdeno Chara – Johnny Boychuk
Dennis Seidenberg – Matt Bartkowski
Adam McQuaid – Torey Krug

Tuukka Rask


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