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PREVEW 7. Buffalo Sabres at Boston Bruins – WATCH OUT FOR THE SABRESMAFIA Y’ALL


Yeah, that's a thing. They call themselves the Sabres Mafia, which apparently is a play off of the Bills Mafia. Being a Bills fan and the three or four Bills fans I follow on Twitter, the Bills Mafia is just a bunch of Bills fan who are sick of watching their team suck so they've come up with some stupid thing to feel important. They have a website too, where their mission statement is: 

A movement created by the fans and embraced by the players. Join the family.

Ugh, as a Bills fan this is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen, outside of someone hashtagging their favorite team with Nation after it. #PatriotsNation! #RedSoxNation! Please, stop with this bullshit. #[YourTeamHere]Nation is a marketing ploy by that team to make you buy their shit. It's fucking stupid and your stupid for linking yourself to it. You're not a nation. Italy is a nation. You're not Italy. 

Sorry, I'm getting off track here. 

So the Sabres Mafia is apparently a thing, which I've already talked about. What I haven't mentioned is that they somehow think that they're going to rise up and take over Boston tonight. Are they serious? Have they been to a hockey game in Boston? You have jackoffs like this guy so doesn't realize that Patrick Kaleta is the worse thing to happen to Buffalo since Scott Norwood's foot. 




Yeah, patrick Kaleta is going to fuck up Chad-fucking-Larose because we all know that Larose is a scrapper. 


That's just a sample of what you're getting with the "Sabres Mafia". The funny thing is, the morons who "ride or die" with the Bills Mafia are pissed that the Sabres Mafia is a thing. It's like that episode of South Park where Timmy and Jimmy get the in the cripple fight. You know it shouldn't be happening because it's such a stupid thing, but you can't look away because one side is just as moronic as the other. 

So I hope the Sabres Mafia enjoys the whirlwind that DOY and our readers are going to put you through. I'm not sure if you're new to this sport of hockey, but the Bruins and Sabres haven't really been the best of friends for a bit. Adding Steve Ott to the mix probably won't make this lovefest any better. In case you didn't know, Steve Ott is hated by everyone on the black and gold who have been around long enough to remember his Dallas days. 

I find it pretty funny that the Sabres brought Ott in for "toughness" after the Bruins completely manhandled the Sabres last season. They also brought in John Scott, who is probably delighted to leave his offseason job for a few months until the Sabres choke away another opportunity to make the playoffs: 

john scott

I'm surprised people consider him a hockey player at all. The only thing he can do is drop the mitts and even then he's never done it against Thornton (probably because when teams face the Bruins, they play their good players and don't worry about their goons), but this is the mindset of the Buffalo Sabres. They want revenge so bad they can taste it. 

Revenge for the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs when Buffalo was 3rd in the East and got the taste smacked out of their mouth by the 6th seed Boston bruins 4-2
Revenge for Matt Ellis getting his shit pushed in by Johnny Boychuk.
Revenge for Patrick Kaleta being a bitch and turtling in fear of Adam McQuaid.
Revenge for Patrick Kaleta being a bitch and getting pimp smacked by Milan Lucic
Revenge for Patrick Kaleta getting trounced by Zdeno Chara
And finally revenge for Ryan Miller who got destroyed by that piece of shit Milan Lucic

Lucic fucks

With the trade for Steve Ott and the signing of John Scott, the Bruins have finally gotten into the heads of the Buffalo Sabres. Buffalo wants to be tougher than they really are, but they still don't have the size or the skill to match up with Boston. 

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Projected Lines

Milan Lucic – David Krejci – Nathan Horton
Tyler Seguin – Patrice Bergeron – Brad Marchand

Shawn Thornton – Greg Campbell – Danny Paille

Zdeno Chara – Johnny Boychuk
Andrew Ference – Aaron Johnson

Tuukka Rask
Anton Khudobin

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