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Agent: Horton’s healthy and ready to go


According to Nathan Horton's agent, Horton is healthy and ready for the start of the NHL season… whenever the hell that'll be.

From ProHockeyTalk:

“Nathan is healthy and ready for the season to start,” Krepelka said. “Has been for a while now. He’s ready to go and has been ready to go.”

Good to hear, especially since the team really missed him last post-season. Horton was cleared for contact back in July but — for as shitty as the lockout is — we're glad it's given Nathan a few extra months to heal up and get back into playing shape. Now we just need the season to start.

Horton's first concussion came from Aaron Rome during the Cup Finals and pretty much turned the tide of the series into Boston's favor (Thanks Rome… kinda).

The second came in January against the Flyers when waste of space Tom Sestito threw a shoulder into Horton's head, giving Horton a "mild concussion." And, if you remember, Sestito didn't event get a phone call from Shanahan.