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All Star Game Wrap-up: Strong showing by Bruins

A great showing by the Boston Bruins during the All-Star weekend. It started off with some sweet bromantic love during the All-Star Game Draft

Chemistry. Boston haz it.

Also over the weekend was Globe’s “ace” reporter Kevin Paul Dupon talking about the “hottest trade rumors” going around (in his head or possibly HF Boards).

Another one had the Bruins dishing Tim Thomas to Chicago. Perhaps that could be the University of Vermont special, with the Bruins sending their ex-Catamount to the Hawks for former Catamount Viktor Stalberg . . . Two team executives I spoke with last week said they would have mandated that Thomas appear at the White House with the Bruins, defining it as a team meeting. One said he would not be surprised to see the Bruins cut him free this summer in the two-week buyout period leading to July 1 free agency . . .

Not even sure where KPD hear these rumors if not from the voices in his head. 

After the jump… more Bruins being awesome at the ASG.

Chara breaking his own record — 108.8 MPH slapshot. Unreal. Only thing faster than a Chara slapshot is Jon in bed. BOOM ROASTED.

Phil Kessel and Tyler Seguin being on the same line. Pretty sure there were just anime speed lines anywhere they went on the ice.

Anyone think Julien put Seguin with Lupul to remind Leaf fans what could’ve been?

Umm… this next photo is going to get abused by DOY.

To be fair, Price was a good candidate for on-ice interviewing during the second period. Lotta fun.

Campbell freeballs in the background while Dastyuk signs autographs. Click here for the NSFW pic. There’s gotta be a name for photobombing someone with your junk. DOY reader suggestions: Sack Attack, The Alabama Tide Roll, Campballing, Sacklurked, and Photo-balling.

Then, of course, there was Tim Thomas shutting down the door. Seriously, this dude doesn’t have a 50% setting. He’s either watching the game from the bench of he goes out there with 110% effort. Just look at this save.

Feel the power of Timmy’s strong pimp hand. Timmy doesn’t allow in free goals because that would be socialism… or something.

Four All-Star game wins in a row. He’s beefing up his own records. Can’t wait for someone to write a story on how Timmy’s decision to play the third period and go for the win shows how selfish he really is. I mean, Montreal reporters and US Army deserters have already called Timmy a racist, so someone has to do it.

Speaking of Thomas, our loyalty to him came under fire last night after cracking a “Trade Timmy” joke for his bad turnover during the All Star game. In case people forgot that we practically suck Timmy off in every recap, this picture sums up how feelings about TT30:

But we’ll leave you with some video of the best reporter in the business –Joey the Blackhawks Jr. Reporter.

Stud. Now it’s time for the bWo to take back the ice.