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Andrew Ference blasts Ryan McDonagh for not recycling

(How is that dude in the hat in front of Ference not expressing any emotion after that hit? No anger or excitement. Nothing. Mitt Romney, that you?)

Andrew Ference might be hanging with Hamill in the press box after this hit.


This hit looked a lot worse live than it does in the video replay. Not saying it was a good hit by any means. Ference came in too fast. He’s not a dirty player but that’s not a good hit to be throwing. Props to Ference for owning up to his hit post-game. Not surprised. He’s always been a guy to play hard and play clean. And he’s called his teammates hits bad before, too. Ference is no hypocrite. 

Greg Wyshinski, of Puck Daddy, might be the first person to ever describe Ference as a “guy who plays on the edge.” We suppose flipping guys off is edgy in today’s NHL.