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Astrologists Prediction on the Bruins, Canadiens and Penguins.

In late March, we randoly received an e-mail from a woman who does marketing for a company that works with professional astrologists. This woman asked if we were interested in getting a professional astrologists reading on some Bruins players and their rivals. We thought it would interesting so we decided to go for it. We gave her this list:


Tyler Seguin
Jaromir Jagr
Patrice Bergeron
Zdeno Chara
Tuukka Rask
…And for the rivals…
Montreal Canadiens:
PK Subban
Max Paccioretty
Brian Gionta
Carey Price
Pittsburgh Penguins:
Jarome Iginla
Evgeni Malkin
Sidney Crosby
Marc-Andre Feury

Here is what she e-mailed back to us: 



Lately, it seems the Boston Bruins have been on the fickle end of fate’s hockey stick, having undergone some crucial lineup changes as the playoffs close in. Yet, that does not necessarily mean that the Bruins are down and out for the count. Looking to the stars, there is hope for the team to mount a comeback in the race for the Stanley Cup.

Astrology, the ancient study of using the stars and constellations present in the sky at the time of one’s birth, often serves as an accurate indicator of how those born under specific “signs” interact with one another, for better or worse. The way these signs mesh — or clash — with one another can help predict how the cards will fall or point to areas where teams and individuals should look to help elicit a positive outcome.

That said, let’s take a look at what’s in the stars for the Bruins and some of their rivals, shall we?

After the jump, the Bruins, Pens and Habs…


Born to Lead

The Bruins’ team dynamic has now been thrown into turmoil thanks to the recent concussion suffered by their center, Patrice Bergeron. With this being his fourth concussion, Bergy has been sidelined indefinitely, leaving a huge void in the Bruins’ Stanley Cup picture. Born under the sign of Leo the lion, Bergy was viewed as a natural leader for good reason. Leos are known known for their take-charge quality and gravitation towards the spotlight

With Bergeron’s absence, his captain, Zdeno Chara, is needed in a leadership role more than ever. Born on March 18, Chara is right on the cusp of the signs of Pisces and Aries. In turn, Chara exhibits the best of both signs — Aries’ cardinal leadership qualities and Pisces even-keel, thoughtful approach as a sign whose still waters run deep. His teammate and fellow Piscean, goalie Tuukka Rask (born March 10, 1987), shares Chara’s hyper-vigilant, detail-oriented approach — as evidenced by his monster hot streak of blocking everything in his path!

The Age of Aquarius: Seguin and Jagr

To have a well-balanced team, you need a sense of creativity. While the Bruins already had that in Aquarius-born Tyler Seguin, the Bruins’ recent acquisition of the legendary Jaromir Jagr will help to balance the Bruins in the wake of Bergy’s absence.

Seguin has exhibited many of Aquarius’ key traits of adaptability and ability to think-on-the-fly on the merits of his performance as a right-wing, then a center, then back to right wing again. Sequin is able to adapt to his surroundings and fit in where his team needs him, capably handling all duties. Like Seguin, Jagr is also born under the sign of Aquarius. Throughout his storied career, Jagr has also demonstrated key Aquarius traits including a cerebral, highly innovative — yet slightly unpredictable —  approach to the game. And now that he’s a Bruin, we’ll forgive him for that mullet he rocked back in the ‘90s.

Know Your Enemy: A Look at The Bruins’ Rivals

We’ve taken a look at the shifting roles within Boston’s organization, but let’s examine two of the Bruins’ chief opponents: The Pittsburgh Penguins and the Montreal Canadiens.

Picking Apart the Penguins

Led by the young centerman and captain, Sidney Crosby, the Penguins have a strong Leo leader. Like Patrice Bergeron, Crosby’s sun sign marks him as a strong leader — something the Bruins need to center upon in order to make a play for the Stanley Cup.

Although “Sid the Kid” and his fellow Penguin center, Evgeni Malkin, are both born under the sign of Leo, there is an unspoken competitiveness that may point to a power struggle to be exploited. Malkin has maintained that he and Crosby are friends, but there is a friendly rivalry between the two teammates. This can be attributed to their Leonine competitive streak and battle for dominance. Divide and conquer, Bruins!

The Penguins right-wing, Jarome Iginla (born July 1, 1977) was almost a Bruin this season. Instead, Iginla went to Pittsburgh and the Bruins acquired Jagr. Born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, Iginla was a strong acquisition for the Pens — and astrologically speaking — a better fit for the Penguins. (Conversely, Jagr’s Aquarius influence is a better fit for the Bruins, so it all evens out!) Ruled by the moon and symbolized by the shifting tides, Iginla may help cool any Leo vs. Leo rivalries. However, the mercurial nature of Cancer can also shift loyalties, too.

The Bruins need to examine the weak spots on the Penguins’ team and capitalize to have a fighting chance against one of the strongest teams in the NHL today.

Callin’ Out the Canadiens

The Canadiens have a diverse array of zodiac signs on their roster, making their internal dynamic a bit more complex than the Penguins.

Canadiens Goalie Carey Price (like Crosby, Malkin, and Bergeron) is born under the sign of Leo. Although he is not in as prominent a leadership position as the aforementioned players, he does work very well with Aquarian captain, Brian Gionta. Gionta can be unpredictable, however, the Bruins’ Aquarius duo (Jagr and Seguin) may be able to get a better bead on his style of thinking and help bring down the Canadiens by using it to their advantage.

There is also no love lost between the Canadiens’ defenseman P.K. Subban and the Bruins’ Brad Marchand. Interestingly, Subban (born May 13, 1989) and Marchand (born May 11, 1988) both fall under the sign of Taurus, the bull. It’s ironic considering that these two often lock horns on the ice. If you think things are heated during the regular season, who knows just what the playoffs can bring. Marchand will do well to take a cue from his cerebral Aquarian teammates schooled in the element of surprise. It may prove to be a crucial element in holding Subban in check.

There you have it–predictions for the Bruins from Hollywood Psychics. If you’d like to get your own psychic reading, call a Hollywood Psychics psychic today!