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Backstrom Shanabanned for Game 4

Backstrom suspended for cross-check to Peverly's face
No Backstrom for Game 4. Huge blow to the Capitals ’cause it seems like Backstrom is the only one who can get any points for Washington right now. Pretty sure this is Washington right now.

Here’s Shanny’s video:

We actually agree with everything Shanny said in that video. It’s been a while since that’s happened.

We didn’t think Backstrom would get the Shanahammer at first even though the hit is similar to what Looch did a few years ago because, well, it’s Backstrom and Ovie got off scottfree. But then Shanny started laying down suspensions like a fucking boss and we started to wonder. And then it took all afternoon and evening to get a decision and we wondered some more…

Obviously this is a big boost for Boston. Bruins need to come out and win Game 4, go up 3-1 and really make that suspension hurt.

Still time to email us your pics for Free Cross-Check to the Face Day