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BAMpFer out a week with ‘mild concussion’

Steven Kampfer concussion Boston Bruins
The Boston Bruins are reporting that Steven Kampfer has suffered a “mild concussion” for the hit he took last night against Tampa. He could be ready in about a week, says Julien via theBruinsBlog.net.

No idea what language this is in. Russian?
The hit is definitely high but not sure if you can call it dirty. Kampfer was ducking down a little and Ritola might’ve hit his shoulder first and followed through. Ritola definitely played the body instead of the puck, but that’s hockey. Lots of big hits went down.

Steven Kampfer concussion
A concussion would also explain this late night tweet from Kampfer.

Not even sure what this means. Clearly he’s delussional from the hit if he thinks the Detroit Lions are going to win anything, ever.