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Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup DVD viewing party

There’ll be a viewing party at the Fours tomorrow (Friday) night starting at 7pm. It’s being put on by Heather Yunger (@lilybraden), a regular of the bar and hosted by the Fours.

From the Facebook Event page:

Come join a bunch of us regulars at our home away from home (or is it a time share?) as we pop in the Commemorative DVD of the Bruins’ 2011 Stanley Cup Championship and relive the greatest eight weeks of our hockey lives.

Personally, we’re big fans of the DVD and it’s not just ’cause we got to kiss the Stanley Cup the same night the DVD debuted. You can read our review here.

We know a lot of people haven’t received their DVDs despite pre-ordering it (such as Team DOY), so if you’re still waiting for your copy to come but can’t wait any longer this event is for you. Or if you just want to hang out with fellow Bruins fans during the shortened (but still long) summer off-season, this event is also for you. 

Here are the quick details:

Where: Upstairs at the Fours
When: Friday, July 22. Doors open at 7pm and movie will start around 7:45-8pm. Watch the movie and party ’till they kick your drunk ass out.