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Both teams sucked. Sharks sucked less. Bruins lose.

Today’s recap is going to be terribly disappointing. The entire Days of Y’Orr staff was either a the game or had previous obligations and now we’re heading to some friends birthday parties. It is hard to write down funny funny jokes when you’re falling asleep watching your favorite team repeatedly dump the puck into the offensive zone and then not chase it. Plus they don’t let us take computers to our seats. Weird.

Really, this loss isn’t that big of a deal. The Bruins have been playing some good hockey lately. It just hurts more today because the Habs won and that division lead is just two points. Bruins next game is against Montreal. That is going to be huge. HUGE. If the B’s don’t get amped up for that we’re going to lose a lot of confidence in this team’s chances to deliver a Cup.

If you come to this game today, you’re probably like us and want a refund. We paid to see a hockey game, not too teams try to one up each other in a “who sucks more today” contest. Neither team was good. We’re not like some that think every defensive hockey game sucks. There was just very little action. At all. Both teams treated the puck like it was going to explode.

The Bruins were good defensivley. Only allowed eleven shots through the first two periods. There was just no urgency in the offensive end and the powerplay was about as pretty as Phil Kessel in a dress. Though we heard he finds that comfortable.

After the jump, we offer some quick thoughts on the game…..

That Logan Couture fellow is good. And he’s saving Jon’s fantasy team. He was one of maybe three players from either team who showed up today. Exciting player to watch. 

Tim Thomas is still a god.

We don’t understand why people boo Joe Thornton. He didn’t demand a trade. He didn’t say Boston sucks. At least not that we know about it. So why all the booing? Or are you saying Boo-urns?

If you’re going to boo Joe Thornton for not bringing a Cup to Boston, you have to boo every player who’s played here since 1972 and wasn’t on that Cup team, including a few legends.

If you’re booing him for not living up to the ridiculous expections thrust upon him when he was drafted, that is just your own fault. When idiot reporters were calling him the “next Lemieux” when he was drafted you should have immediately known that wasn’t going to happen. 

If you’re booing him just because you don’t like him as a player…. well then who are we to say anything. We boo Ryan Miller all the time. We just plain don’t like him.

We’re not coaches. Obviously. We also don’t pretend to know what goes on behind the scenes with the Bruins. But something is bothering us.

What are the Bruins doing with Seguin? We understand the whole bringing him along slow thing blah blah blah. But the kid got less than 9 minutes of ice time tonight after scoring a huge goal against Dallas. Playing less than 10 minutes every night isn’t going to help him get better. If he makes one mistake Julien glues him to the bench. If you’re going to bench everyone who isn’t producing every game, then just ice the Marchand, Bergeron, Recchi line for the entire 60 minutes.

How is Seguin going to get better if he’s not playing. We get it. The Bruins are in the middle of a playoff race and mistakes are costly. But you let Horton play through his struggles. Why not Seguin? Seguin’s confidence in his game has to be at an all time low. Julien said he bumped Seguin down to the fourth line to play wing so he could open up his offensive game more. Yeah, nine minutes of ice time really gave him the opportunity to do that.

Who knows. Maybe we’re just looking for something to bitch about. Maybe Seguin has some attitude problems we don’t know about. But based on what we do know if the Bruins want Seguin to get better he needs to play more. Having new linemates every night probably isn’t helping either.

Check out this super cool picture of Patrice Marleau that we found on Google images.

Nice turtleneck. If there is a San Jose Sharks Christmas album out there and no one told us we’re going to be pissed.

We’re working on a few projects we think you’ll enjoy. Boychuk facts and a new “movie.” Enjoy your Saturday night.