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Brad Marchand named Most Stylish Bostonian

Wearing no shirts, sunglasses in doors and being drunker than a fratboy is “in” for this year’s fashion. Or so Brad Marchand, the Bruins, and the world found out recently since he landed a slot in Boston.com’s 25 Most Stylish Bostonians. No joke.

His fashion advice:

“Most of the time, if I see something I like, I’ll try it on,” said Marchand on his personal style. “And then, you know, I’ll see different styles in movies and stuff.”

The movies, eh? He must’ve gotten his style from The Hangover.

His teammates reaction:

For the video imparied:

“We’re trending to no shirt being stylish?” –A very concerned Andrew Ference

“I guess it’s stylish to shave your chest and not have a shirt on… That’s what Boston considers stylish.” –An amused Shawn Thornton, trying his hardest to play it straight and not laugh

No wonder why Boston is named worst dressed. Brad Marchand is our leader in fashion. Somewhere Sean Avery is rolling his eyes.

We can only hope Kate Upton picks up on this topless fashion trend. Oh please god…