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Brad Marchand scores out of fear

Brad Marchand is a stud

Boston Bruins fans will be happy to know that they’ve struck the fear of god into at least one Bruins player.

“I kind of panicked. I had a wide-open net to shoot at, and I just didn’t shoot. He came out of the net and I kind of panicked and I was thinking, I better score or else I’m gonna get rained on. I think it banked off of one of their sticks and bounced in.” –Brad Marchand, after last night’s win

Too bad that never worked for Dennis Wideman. Maybe Horton needs to start scoring out of fear.

Marchand is has 12 goals, 12 assists and is a +21 with 22 PIM. We’ve picked him up in our fantasy leagues. We’re not sure how hot he’ll stay after the All-Star Break but we’ll ride him for as long as possible.

That sounded a lot dirtier than we meant. We blame the Bear guardian.

Quote yoinked from Stanley Cup of Chowder.