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BREAKING: Apparently Patrice Bergeron is bit of a dirty player

Patrice Bergeron Boston Bruins
We found this video by way of Japer’s Rink. It’s a video done by CSN-Washington on the questionable plays by the Boston Bruins. We got a good chuckle out of it since for the most part nothing really happened beyond basic NHL penalties or the Bruins retaliating to the Captial’s post-whistle extraciricular activities. Shit happens. It’s part of hockey, especially in the playoffs. Hockey’s supposed to be a “man’s sport” and yet there seems to be more sniveling children infiltrating it.

What really made us chortle is that Patrice Bergeron — yes, you read that correctly — appears quite a few times in this video.

Bergy is about as clean as they come in the NHL. If your dirty plays video contains that many clips of him you’re really stretching for material.

Thanks for the laughs, though, CSN-Washington. Always a good way to start the morning.