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Briere & Gallagher Got Their Doctorate Apparently

The other night Montreal’s Brandan Prust nailed Rangers’ Derek Stepan with an egregious late hit to the head, which for Boston fans feels all too familiar.

Awful. Stepan got a broken jaw for this and is out for who knows how long. Meanwhile Prust got a mere two games.

Related: Dan Carcillo (who’s a piece of rat crap, too) got 10 games for shoving a ref. So, there’s your NHL.

Anyways, apparently Danny Brierre and Brendan Gallagher went to medical school because they think Stepan’s injury is “fishy.”


“I think it seems a little fishy to me,” Briere said after the team’s practice Saturday afternoon. “It seems like a little bit of a game.”

Briere’s teammate Brendan Gallagher said he wouldn’t be surprised if Stepan plays on Sunday. “He got up and he was yapping and yelling [after the play],” Gallagher said. “So, I’m sure the jaw isn’t hurting too much.”



Dr. Recchi would be proud… or something.

It’s funny watching Habs fans scramble to defend Prust, Briere, and Gallagher after all their self-righteous bullshit talk the past two weeks. They want respect and class, and then they go do this.


This isn’t even Prust’s first cheapshot offense this series:

Not to be lost in that - SPEAR TO THE BALLS!

 S/T PuckDaddy