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Claude Julien goes ham on refs, Habs diving


Last night's 4-3 loss ot the Montreal Canadiens was hard for Bruins fans to swallow, and the team itself, too. After the game, head coach Claude Julien went ham on the refs not calling a cross-check that broke a stick against Seguin's ribs, and the Habs for embellishing hits. 

This prompted some Habs fans to get a little uppity, as to be expected. Some even saying this is no one likes the Bruins, which is funny since this is the first time we can remember that Julien was blaming the refs to any extent. He's always been a "it is what it is and we need to play better" coach while in Boston. But that really just amplifies how fustrated Julien must be. The team isn't drawing many calls and they're getting hit with a lot of reputation penalties or, in the case of Chara-Emelin-Seguin, getting railed with 17 PIM when they should've been on the powerplay themself.

But, let's be honest here, any embellishment by Montreal wasn't why Boston lost last night. Losing Chara was. And by that we mean the Bruins defense didn't do their part after Chara stood up for Seguin.