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Bruins’ Tyler Seguin “Interview of the Week” With HC Beil


HC Beil conducted an interview with Tyler Seguin in their "Interview of the Week" segment on their website. Here a sample of the goodness from that interview (translated through Google Translate):

Tyler, why have you just chosen the EHC Biel during the NHL lockout? 
When I found out that the lockout is fact, I did not wait long and wanted to play. At least for me it was the longest off-season in 4 years. I told my agent that I do not want in the KHL after Russia and wants to play in Europe. I was then informed about the Swiss league, and I liked what I saw there. EHC Biel from me, too, because the team works very well with young players.  

Last Saturday you have in a long time played a gravity fight. What are your impressions?
Yeah that was not so easy. As mentioned above, I agree takes a very long time without hockey and until the votes have been around for a while. But I always feel better. It is of course hard, practically without any real preparation match or no longer exercise the same to come onto the ice. But it will come good and I like this league. It's fun to play, because the game is very fast. 

The ice is much greater here than you are used to from Boston. Was it really a big change?
Sure, that's a big Umstelllung, because in principle it is about time. In the NHL on the little box you have less time to take the wheel. Time management in certain situations is completely different, but there is one in quickly.It takes a while before everything is running smoothly. 

Where do you see the biggest differences for NHL?
There is everything bigger and wider and that changes the whole game. The players here are physically somewhat smaller than in North America, but they are fast and agile. Since the ice is bigger, there are always beautiful Breakaways and long, beautiful plays. That was and is a great experience. The game here is very fast – I'm curious what I'll do everything. 

What do you personally think about the lockout?
I think that's not great for the fans, because thanks to them we have our jobs. Now they can not even come to a game. I very much hope that both parties have a fair solution and again hockey is played.

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  • Zdeno Chara's HC Lev Praha played Alexander Ovechkin's Dynamo Moscow yesterday afternoon and the game was televised on ESPN 2. I can't speak for everyone that watched it, but holy shit am I glad that ESPN is no longer doing NHL games. It was apparent that Steve Levy and Barry Melrose didn't give one flying fuck about this game because most of the time they were cracking inane jokes. Melrose even talked about (and I'm paraphrashing) "How foolish it is for NHL players to be playing in for another team" as an NHL commentary guy does a KHL game. The whole thing was a shit show.
  • Roberto Luongo plays poker at the World Series of poker.
  • Patrice Bergeron has played well for HC Lugano. I believe he's scored two goals in their last game, but the website is so shitty that I can't seem to figure it out. You'd think these websites would be eaiser to navigate, but nope.