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Cam Ward thinks only he is allowed to stick up for teammates

Cam Ward had a lot to say during the third period of last night’s game. He had even more to say post-game.

According to Cam Ward being big, tall and nasty means you can’t jump into frays or stick up for teammates. Only the little guys are allowed to do that.

“Well, the guy is eight feet tall and he’s jumping a player. That doesn’t translate as being very tough in my eyes,” said Ward, who has notched two wins over the Bruins this season. “I’m emotional just like everybody else and when you see that happening to your own player you want to [help them]. I had some choice words too but it is what it is.” 

What Ward meant was “I saw this leviathan pummel one of my players but I’m too big of a wuss to do anything about it, so I’ll just skate over to him and talk him into submission.”

Chara said he had no idea what Ward said to him. What was going through his mind was probably “Rage, RAge, RAAAGE!”

Also according to Cam Ward, opposing goalies aren’t allowed to come at him and give him choice words evena fter he decided to leave his creace to give Chara choiced words.

“I was surprised, but I didn’t take it as a serious threat. It is what it is. [It was] nothing,” said Ward, who earned No. 1 Star honors for the game while making 33 saves in an oft-times brilliant performance. “I don’t even know what was said [with Rask]. Obviously, my heart rate didn’t even get up or anything. Basically, I told him to get down back in his own end and he did.”

NESN.com had the same quote with “I’m not gonna waste my time with Tuukka Rask.” at the end.

But surprised? Tuukka’s been looking for a fight last couple years. We forget the game, but remember that Thomas had to keep the bench door closed after a scrum started in the corner. Tuukka (who was pulled at the end of the game) wanted to jump out and give some bitches pedigrees, HHH style. Also, this:

He went back down to his own crease ’cause Ward wouldn’t drop the gloves. But we’ll let Ward think he shoo’d Rask away like a little puppy.

Ward says he doesn’t know what Rask said. Jimmy Murphy found out from Rask:

Whena asked what he said to Cam Ward, Tuukka Rask said “I asked why he jumped my guys?”

Maybe with some choiced Finnish words, too.

Nothing shows how manly and tough you are than being a guy who’s covered in thick padding from head to toe and can’t be farted on without a penalty being called, calling two men willing to drop gloves (including a fellow goalie) and throw it down as “not tough” — after the game.

Hell, Ward’s not much of a fighter anyways. He got taken out to dinner, banged and left with no cab money on the dresser by Michael Leighton of all people.

In short. Cam Ward is a pussy and Eric Staal is a goat fucker.

S/T to CSNNE.com.