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Gregory Campbell: Gladiator, Poet, Out for Season

Last night's Double OT game shaved about 10 years off all our lives. It was a huge win but didn't come at a cost.

During the second period Gregory Campbell blocked an Evengi Malkin shot. The shot broke his leg, yet Campbell soldiered on almost another minute of PK action. Unreal. Here's the scene:

Alas, Campbell is, obviously, done for the season but he went out like a hero.

From ESPN:

"For what he went through, he showed a lot of guts to stay out there and to still try and play," Julien said. "Obviously it was a pretty serious injury, so that's just the kind of player he is, and it doesn't surprise me, it doesn't surprise his teammates, but certainly it shows the character of that player, and that's why we appreciate having him on our team."

Campbell's teammates said they wanted to win Game 3 for him. They played about as hard as Soups does every shift and it paid off. 

With Campbell gone that leaves a hole in Boston's stifling PK. Daugavins or Pandolfo sound like the most reasonable two men to fill in for Soups. You could see Kelly or Peverly dropping to the fourth line or perhaps the Bruins centers will just rotate men in and out for face off reasons. We'll see. When you're up 3-0 you don't want to mess with success but the Campbell injury changes things a little.