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Carl Söderberg Given Match Penalty for Cross-Check to the Head


Carl Söderberg's team Linkoping got their asses handed to them today in the opening round of the SEL Playoffs, losing 6-0 to HV71 (Jönköping). Toward the end of the game, Soderberg unleashed a little fury:

We found this out via DOY reader, Erik A from Stockholm, Sweden. He wrote:

Carl Söderberg recieved a match penalty for a crosscheck to the head late in the first playoff game (they were losing 6-0)

He will probably suspended for several games. I think he will be in Boston in a week or two.
Loving your blog guys
Kind regards
Stockholm, Sweden

Yikes. Talking about leaving your league with a bang. If this keeps up we'll be seeing Soderberg in a Bs sweater sooner than later. Also can't wait for all the "signed another goon" taunts 'cause Sweden is such a goon farm.


UPDATE: Söderberg was handed a 7 games suspension minutes ago. Three of these will be from his salary, and the other four he can't play.

Barring Linkoping winning the seires it looks like that's the end of Sod's career in the SEL. He should be pretty well rested when/if he makes his first appearance in Boston. Him and Looch can start the "Player That Wears #17 and Gets Suspended for Throwing a Cross-Check to the Head During the Playofs" club. Good times.

Thanks to Erik for the updates.