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Chiarelli “Whines”, Or As Normal People Call It, Explains Why Trade Fell Through



Peter Chiarelli held a press conference about an hour ago to discuss some of the things that occured yesterday between the Flames, Penguins and of course the Bruins. If case you've been under a rock, Jarome Iginla is a Penguin. I'm not really here to comment on that, it's over and done with but if you missed out on Chiarelli's press conference, you missed out on some Grade A material that makes Jay Feaster look like a real piece of shit. 

Here are a few quotes for Chiarelli: 

"We were informed around noon yesterday that we had the player, we won the sweepstakes so to speak." 

"From that point on there's been some discussions regarding Jarome taking some time to let things soak in. We had our game and prior to that we made moves scratching Bart and Koko and relied on the fact we had a deal." 

"We believe we had a deal. We operated on the premise we had a deal. When things go silent usually something goes screwy. Later that night about quarter to 12 I got a call from Jay that it was the players choice and he opted to go to Pittsburgh and we were out." 

So here is how I think everything went down: 

  • Chiarelli to Feaster: Presents package of Koko, Bartkowski and unconditional first round pick
  • Feaster to Chiarelli: Deal, I'll talk to Jarome, see what's up. 
  • Feaster to Igina: We've accepted a trade from Boston. You know you have to waive your NMC. 
  • Iginla to Feaster: Yup, give me some time to soak it in. 
  • Iginla puts out a "feeler" that somehow makes it's way to Ray Shero. 
  • Shero to Feaster: Here's my package of college kids. 
  • Feaster to Shero: LOL
  • Iginla to Murray Edwards (Flames owner): Tell Jay to take it. 
  • Edwards to Feaster: Take Shero's deal

The rest is history.

This doesn't bury the Bruins. I know a lot of us around here were excited about Iginla coming to Boston because he would help the offense, but it wouldn't have solved everything. Other players can fill the role that Iginla would have filled. Boston still has issues on their backend, especially their 3rd pairing. It's horrible and a guy like Ryan Whitney could make it better. 

The Bruins aren't dead in the water by any means. They're a point out of second place in the Eastern Conference and first place in their division. Let's all breathe and see what happens going forward. There's no way PC is done because Iginla chose Pittsburgh over Boston. It probably adds fuel to the fire, if anything.

Hopefully it's a wake up call to the guys on the roster that their peers don't view them as a Stanley Cup winning hockey team.