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Cleanup Aisle 3, There Is Much Defecation. BRUINS LOSE.

1. I love the word “defecation”.
2. While this game means absolutely red rocket dog dick in the long run, the trend of giving up late third period goals is a little concerning.

I’m not here to spread fear and panic within the Bruins fanbase because, like I said, these games don’t mean shit. Boston has the top seed locked up, they are resting key players and they’re basically going through the motions. Playing Minnesota and Winnipeg doesn’t evoke some sort of emotional response. I would think that even with the East locked up a game against Pittsburgh or Montreal would be played with passion. Minnesota and Winnipeg? Hardly. Minnesota being a playoff team should not even rustle the jimmies because they’re a western playoff team.

There is no need to be upset. Be like Luigi.

The trend of giving up last minute goals however? Concerning.

It’s a trend that we’re used to seeing. It seems that when the Bruins have a one goal lead with under two minutes left, there’s a great chance they allow a goal and blow it. You can go as far back as last year – before the infamous game six collapse against the Blackhawks and see a pattern of this. It was only magnified again in the past two games. It’s an issue and has been an issue for awhile.

Is it something that will doom them? Doubtful, but against Minnesota Rask was in net. Chara was on the ice. Bergeron was on the ice.

Eh, whatever. Much like the Bruins in Winnipeg, I might pack it in for the rest of the recap.

Brad Marchand was a man possessed last night. His goal was a thing of beauty. Reilly Smith was either practicing for the role of Deathstroke with such precision or he is incredibly lucky and was rewarded by Marchand’s hustle. Either way, it put the Bruins up 1-0.

I thought Chad played pretty well given that the team in front of him didn’t seem to care.

– Less than two minutes left and the Bruins pooped their pants.

For dumping on Evander Kane yesterday, I guess you can say that goal was pretty…

( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)


Hope Pete doesn’t mind I stole that from him.

– NESN’s hockey broadcasts lately that been piss poor.

This was my favorite view from my couch:

NESN – pick your game up you fucking savages. The Red Sox are in beautiful, crystal clear HD and the Bruins look like I’m watching on WSBK TV 38.

Much like the Bruins and NESN, we’re on cruise control until playoff time – bitches.

– These games are for fun right?

– Seriously, fuck these last few games.

– Will there even be previews/recaps this weekend?

– Yes.

– Why aren’t these all questions?