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DOY Fantasy Football IS BACK!

Welcome, welcome, welcome one and all.

We are hitting that time of the year where cleats are being put on, touchdowns aren’t being celebrated by players and smacking the shit out of your wife will give you a slap on the wrist. That’s right bitches, DOY Fantasy Football 1 and 2 are back!

All invites have gone out to managers from last year and they have until August 11 to enter the league. If they do not, invites will be sent out in a first come, first serve basis. Unlike hockey, we will only be doing two leagues so if you don’t make the cut than I am sorry.

Okay, here is all the important things:


Draft Type: Online, standard
Days of Y’Orr 1: Monday September 1 at 8:00pm EST
Days of Y’Orr 2: Tuesday September 2 at 7:00pm EST


Days of Y’Orr 1 is a keeper league. You can keep a player drafted in 2013’s round 4 or later. You can view 2013’s draft results here. You may also keep the player you chose to keep at the beginning of last year since we have a 2 year window on any keeper. Managers have until August 31 to choose their keeper. If you do not choose a keeper or choose a keeper who was drafted in rounds 2 and 3 last year (you’ll notice that round 1 consists of all keeper picks) you will forfeit your keeper slot and be compensated with a pick at the end of the draft.

Don’t like it?

If anyone has any questions you can email me or contact me on Twitter.