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Dropkick Murphys taunts Canada over Bruins Stanley Cup

Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no doubting the Dropkick Murphys love for Boston. ESPN-Boston even lets them do a regular feature for their site (we’re still not entirely sure why).

And they’re riding the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup victory wave right along with everyone else in Boston. The only difference is when DKM does it they’re on tour. In Canada. And are blasting “We Are the Champions” before hitting the stage.

We also got an email from DOY buddy Jaye H. who was at the show.

Hey Boys,

just a couple of notes to go along with the pictures..

– The band came out to We Are The Champions, I laughed my ass off, I wonder how many people got that
– The entire merch crew were wearing Bruins Stanley Cup champs stuff

Ken Casey riled up the crowd pretty good, saying if Vancouver had won, they would have come out in their god awful ugly ass jerseys (I’m paraphrasing) and then brought out a big picture of him with the cup, tossed it into the crowd saying “I want that back in one piece” Had kind words to say about local boy Milan Lucic, gave shit to the rioters, mentioned the band was in town for games 1 and 7..This was all before they launched into Time to Go..I wonder how many Canucks fans sang along during the ‘Go Go Black and Gold’ parts 😉 

After the jump… pictures and video of DKM taunting Canada, plus some Philly jerkoff states the obvious — Boston fans are “obnoxious”

And said pictures:

Dropkick Murphys We Are the Champions Vancouver
Dropkick Murphys We are the Champions Vancouver
We couldn’t find video of DKM playing “We Are the Champions” before their show in Vancouver, but we did find one of them doing it in Calgary. Seems like Calgary wasn’t rooting for Vancouver either since the entire crowd is singing the song.

Or maybe everyone just loves Freddy Mercury. Can’t blame them.

This could be why some Philly jerkoff wrote a story about Boston becoming obnoxious. 1) Becoming? Was there a time when we weren’t? 2) Philly calling Boston obnoxious is the pot calling the kettle black.

Like we wrote today on WickedGoodSports — this anti-Boston backlash was expected. Embrace the hate, Boston. Live it. Love it. We’re fucking heels in every league now. No better spot to be in. 

Long Live Boston! Long live the King!