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Dunkin Donuts Threatens to Pull Sponsorship After Hornqvist Hit

There is obviously a problem or respect or carelessness in today’s NHL game and we saw that again last night when Tyler Seguin got hit with an elbow from Patric Hornqvist.

Luckily Seguin did not display any concussion like symptoms and after a few stitches he was good to go. Obviously the results could’ve been a lot worse. Seguin was “luckier” than some of his NHL counterparts have been after an elbow but the end result shouldn’t change the situation. An elbow is an elbow, whether or not someone gets hurt.

And before any idiots get on our case, we already said we thought Marchand’s hit was dirty and he deserved the suspension. Even Marchand kind of admitted it. So suck it.

However, now things are getting real as another NHL sponsor has threatened to pack up and go home unless the NHL does something!

After the jump….. we end the serious part of this post and dig into a more “serious” matter…….

Dunkin Donuts has announced today that they have threatened to pull all sponsorship from NHL games until something is done about head shots around the league.

Dunkin Donuts was outraged last night after spokesperson and fine actor Tyler Seguin took an elbow to the head and needed seven stitches to close a wound on his ear.

Head of Operations Fred Jr released the following statement:

“We are outraged and disgusted that a vibrant, charismatic young man like Tyler Seguin was put in a position where his season could have ended. The fact that the NHL did not immediately put Hornqvist before a firing squad for his actions is both sickening and disturbing.”

“Tyler may have a permanent, bad ass scar on his ear and now he’ll have to lie and tell chicks he got it in a fight.”

Pic courtesy of Lisa
“Worst of all, had Hornqvist hit Tyler’s mouth, Tyler may not have been able to get ‘caught cold’ while enjoying one of our many, many delicious blends of coffee. It will no longer be time to make the donuts until the NHL permanently bans Hornqvist from playing hockey anywhere in the world and makes changes to how they handle headshots in the game.”

Gotta say, we agree with Dunkin Donuts here. The only solution to a problem like this is to act like immature little pansies despite the fact that you are running a business. Obviously the culture of headshots in the NHL needs to change and threatening to pull out your sponsorship despite the fact that the NHL makes you millions of dollars a year really seems like the way to go.

Seeing as how America Runs on Dunkin, we could be really screwed if they make good on their threat and pull out their sponsorship. Really, they’ve got the NHL by the balls. Just like there are no other airlines other than Air Canada, DD really pulled a power move with their threat because their are no other coffee shops in the world either.

Hopefully the NHL heeds Dunkin’s threats and changes the game immediately and puts Hornqvist in jail with the rest of the criminals where he belongs!

In the meantime, we’re going to go march on Nashville. Pee on Elvis statues. Ban country music. Kick hillbillies. Because that is how “real” fans react after something like this!