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Fantasy Football Update: DOY 1 and DOY 2

Bruins pats

We are currently halfway through the fantasy football season. With the NHL, and our fantasy hockey leagues hanging in the balance, in a lockout we decided that we would run a couple fantasy football leagues. I am happy to say that we were able to fill two 16 team leagues. Here's a look at the standings in both DOY1 and DOY2. 

DOY 1:


DOY 2:


Now for the DOY boys updates: 

DOY 1: 
The Pezman Cometh: 5th place
Pizz: TDs and Beer: 10th place
Jon: JustinLovesManMeat: 12th place. 

DOY 2:
Ben Rapelisbergers: 2nd place (LIKE A BAWSS)
Pizz: ClashoftheTightEnds: 3rd place (LIKE AN ASST BAWSS)

This year is going strong and we have some active teams, but I miss the DOY Fantasy Hockey leagues already 😦