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Free Cross-check to the Face Day!

Backstrom cross-checks Peverly in the face
Happy Cross-Check to the Face Day!

As a sign of goodwill and peace, we decided we’d try to understand our Washington DC brethren a little better. We sent out ace reporter and DOY GM Patrice Purrgeron to investigate the natives of DC to see what their traditions are like.

Indiania Purrgeron
Little did we know but it appears that cross-checking people in the face is a sign of love and friendship amongst the Captial folks. We saw both captain Alexander Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom display this symbol of affection to TWO different Boston Bruins over the past few days!!!!!

Wow! Washington must really love Boston. That’s just not the kind of treatment you expect to get from a city known for a bunch of grumpy old white guys who hate anyone who’s not white and rich. We accept these symbols of camaraderie and look to return it one day to show you our appreciation and gratitude.

Anyways, to show that we love our new friends down in Washington, we’ve decided to name today Free Cross-Check to the Face Day! We’re asking you, dear loyal DOY readers, to send us pictures of you dishing out free cross-checks to people’s faces, a la Washington-style. Everyone deserves a cross-check in the face every once in a while — be it your girl/boyfriend, your sister, Jon’s mom, your boss, a screaming baby on the train or even your favorite rabbi. Show them that hugs aren’t the only thing that’s free today.

So far we’ve gotten one pic of a cat getting cross-checked in the face. We can’t wait to see everyone else getting cross-checked.

Email pictures to daysofyorr@gmail.com or send them to us via twitter.