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RECAP: Free Penalty Day at the Boston Garden. BRUINS WIN!


Big win for the Boston Bruins. After falling down 2-0 in the first period they scored three unanswered goals to take the lead and the win. And two of the goals were on the power play…

…of which there were a ton of. It was fucking Free Penalty Day for the first 36 NHLers to arrive at the Garden today.

Seriously, the refs were appaling in this game for both sides. Hits to the shoulder were called boarding, solid defensive plays were called interference. Rediculous. Here's a picture of the refs arriving at the game this afternoon:

Bruins took 10 penalties today. Ten. Fucking one, zero. And they killed off eight of them. And against Tampa's PP unit going 8 for 10 is pretty fucking good, even if it below Boston's PK standards. Here's what the penalty sheet looked like:

We hope the refs didn't straing any shoulder muscles raising them over their head all day, especially the first. They probably train for this type of game, though:

Ok, enough bitching about the officiating. More than penalties happened in this game. Rest of the recap after the jump….



– Benoit Pouliot… dude was drawing penalties like a kindergartener draws stick figures. He did an unreal job helping Tampa get on the PP, which is their bread & butter.

And then he got hit and hurt and didn't return. Whoops.

– Bruins two goals in 1:17 in the second period:

First one thanks to the first PP unit. Unreal movement of the puck. Seguin with a beautiful wrister.

Average age of that line has to be like 23.

Then Rich Peverly with a huge goal to tie the game in the second. Wide open and buries it in the same area Seguin scored.

– Campbell doing the Thornton's Will fighting Crombeen.

– PK on the double minor in the second. Huge. PK in general. Boston was short handed 10 times against Tampa. Let in two goals. That's a tall order against the Lightnin's PP units.

– Patrice Bergeron in the netural zone in the third period. 

– Patrice Bergeron in the face off circle

– Patrice Bergeron in all three zones.

– Patrice Bergeron on this play:

– Speaking of that goal, what a shot by Brad Marchand.

Marchand is filthy this season. Absolutely filthy. How filthy? So filthy that prostitutes won't deal with him.

So filthy that Pigpen calls for tips.

So filthy that Seguin wants to move in.

In fact, here theya re figuring out who's getting top bunk.

– Two PPGS means this gets used again:




– First period. They started strong outshooting the Lightning and then couldn't put any pucks on net. Meanwhile, Tampa…

– Two PPGs for Tampa in the first. They've been unreal all season so we can't get too angry that they let up two PPGs, but it still hurts. And it sucks that it's 2 PPGs in the first period that puts Tampa up 2-0. Brutal.

– The refs but we covered this well and good.

– No Thornton gives us the sads.

– Brick saying "Marchands got a longer stick than people realize" as my girlfriend walked in and pretty sure now she thinks I was watching porn.



– How hammered is Greg right now at Foxwoods?

– How many pushups did Guy Boucher make his team do after today's game?

– Who sat in the corner in the fetal position since there was no DOY Pregame show today?

– Does Dougie really not know who the Muppets are? Seriously?