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Game Day: Ottawa vs. Bruins — Building Momentum

Game 42: Ottawa Senators vs. Boston Bruins, 1/11/11

Bruins are coming off a big come-from-behind win over the Penguins. We’re still in shock-and-awe at what happened in those final few minutes. After blowing a lead with only three minutes left in the game, they came to win a game in the final three minutes.

Bruins are taking  on the Senators tonight who are hurting this year… again… what else is new. Hopefully the Bruins can build off their momentum from last night.

Chris Neil still sucks.

Lucic might be injured. No one knows. We just know he left the game last night pissed.

Chara and Thomas were both named to the All Star Game this year. Tyler Seguin will be one of 12 rookies to take part in the skills competition.

Tim Thomas All Star Mustache

Tim Thomas when asked what happens if he and Chara are on different teams at All-Star Game: “I win, he loses.” — This is from Doug Flynn on twitter. 

After the jumps…. is DOY “angry” enough… projected roster (Horton back?)…. game day links… and the game day video…

Reader email
This came from the DOY ‘Droid App.

u guys r outta touch…this team fukn suks.  They’re in 3rd because of the play of thomas.  Do u watch these games?  U shld b screaming like    BruinsNation is screaming.  One guy in top 100 scorers, PP suks, mediocre in GA.  The loss to Habs is catastrophic.  The fukn habs have owned the Bs forever.  U shld b fukn outraged at what is going on.  I am.

Our rebuttal:

This team fukn suks

Typical Boston-dude over-reaction. Team’s in first in the Northeast and third and the conference.  Yes, their 51 points would make them seventh overall in the East, but that’s still a playoff spot. The point of the regular season is to get to the playoffs. So far the Bruins are on track to accomplish that. Doesn’t mean they don’t have room to improve — far from it.

They’re third because of thomas.

We agree. Thomas has been a godsend for Boston this year. And guess what, Penguins are fourth because of Crosby; the Crapitals are in fifth because of Ovie; and Tampa’s in second because of Stamkos. Timmy’s part of the team and the team is currently in a playoff spot.

Do you watch these games?

No, we just make shit up to be dicks.

U shld b screaming like  BruinsNation is screaming.  One guy in top 100 scorers, PP suks, mediocre in GA.  The loss to Habs is catastrophic.  The fukn habs have owned the Bs forever.  U shld b fukn outraged at what is going on.  I am.

Screaming on the Internet is for high schoolers and people who TYPE ALL IN CAPZ LKEI DIS. And we’ve never said we’re happy with the way the team is playing. Quite the opposite. We’re tired of the lack of consistent effort and lack of scoring. Some of our recent opinions:

And that is what is drives us mad this season….. through 55 minutes the Bruins really had no right winning this game and somehow they pulled it out. They’ll have meltdowns like they did in Montreal and then pull a victory out of their ass. Crazy. Yesterday

We hate sounding like a broken record but the Bruins not fighting for 60 minutes is the Bruins #1 problem. —Jan. 9

There’s no space for prevent defense, no room to take the foot off the metaphorical gas pedal in today’s NHL. You play and you play hard a full 60 minutes. You let up for a sec and shit like tonight happens. You need to pepper more shots on Price. Pathetic. —Jan. 8

We’re still not sure what the hell to make of this game.  It’s one of those games that you think is really good until you realize that both teams are just trying to see who can play the sloppiest.  —Jan. 1

We could keep going but we need to eat and head off to the Garden. Go through the game recaps, you’ll see us bitch plenty. Yes the Power Play sucks. Yes the team isn’t scoring a lot (they’re ranked #13 in Goals For Average). Yes they blow ass in shoot outs.

When we say “Chill the fuck out” we’re not saying all is well in the land of the Black N’ Gold. We just mean “Chill the fuck out.” It could be a lot worse for the team. They could be the Devils. They could be the Leafs. They could be the Senators. They have a playoff spot. They’re starting to find ways to win games. They’re 5-2-3 in last 10 games and most of those were on the road.

Team has to get better though. No doubt about it. Let’s just don’t go act like it’s the end of the world or life as we know it.

And for the record, Lucic, Horton and Bergeron are in the Top 100 scorers, so that’s more than one. And Bruins have the best GAA in the NHL with 2.15. If being the best at something is mediocre, then, well, we have no idea what’s good anymore.

Time to wrap this up… we gotta go.

Projected Roster:

There are conflicting reports on whether or not Horton is in the line-up or not, soooooo I guess we’ll wait until game time to know for sure. Here’s what Boston.com came up with.

Milan Lucic-Marc Savard-Michael Ryder
Brad Marchand-Patrice Bergeron-Mark Recchi
Blake Wheeler-David Krejci-Tyler Seguin
Daniel Paille-Gregory Campbell-Shawn Thornton

Zdeno Chara-Steven Kampfer
Dennis Seidenberg-Johnny Boychuk
Matt Bartkowski-Andrew Ference

Tim Thomas
Tuukka Rask

Game Day Links

Game Day Video

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