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Preseason Game 3 Preview: Bruins vs. Habs.

So we missed on last game’s recap, but in our defense, we were busy planning an assault on the Bruins’ Fan Relations offices in an attempted to get our god damn season tickets that still have yet to be delivered!!

Well here’s your recap, we promise that we’ll start caring more once the regular season starts.  Good to see the Bruins spreading the scoring wealth though:

After the jump, the actual preview

Moving on to today, Bruins have their second home game and welcome the Canadiens to the Garden…or not.  For some reason, the game has been moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  

Oh well, it beats starting the regular season in Prague.

Last time the Bruins saw the Canadiens, they nearly drowned in a tsunami of tears, like likes of which would have rivaled Katrina.  Nathan Horton scored the Game 7 winner in OT, the Garden erupted, and the Habs had nothing but broken dreams and a fan base that was probably trying to figure out a way to have the entire Bruins team arrested for robbery and assault.

Projected Roster:

Forwards: Campbell, Caron, Clark, Hamill, Horton, Marchand, Paille, Pouliot, Sauve, Seguin, Thornton, Whitfield 

Defensemen: Corvo, Chara, McKelvie, McQuaid, Kampfer, Warsofsky 

Goaltenders: Khudobin, Rask

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Game Day Video: