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Game sucked, Viewing Party rocked, Bruins lose

Canadiens defeat Boston Bruins 4-1We had the Viewing Party last night so we don’t have our usual recap for this morning. We’re all woke up this morning and threw back some Excedrin.

Let’s face it, last night’s game sucked. From the Bruins play to Chara’s brutal hit on Pacioretty, the game was a downer. 

Can’t say we’re surprised though. For Montreal it was a playoff intensity game and a chance at redemption for last month’s beatdown; for Boston it was just a regular ol’ season game. You could see the intensity level difference from the get-go.

Some Habs fan sent us this email during the game:

This Habs fan is so classy he thought of shooting us an email instead of worrying about Pacioretty. What a ‘tard. Glad he’s classy enough to make jokes when a young kid’s life is on the line. What a joke.

Bruins still leading the Habs in the standings anyways, so we feel pretty good about Boston. We like our “Bruins suckholes” quite a lot actually. Thanks for asking.

Also amused that he first thought of us. We’re in their heads.

Awesome Photoshop from DOY buddy Eric. 

Marchand Montreal Dives
Not many highlights for Boston. Habs brought up some AHLer specifically for fighting and he jumped Boychuk after Johnny’s attempted hit on Subban. Whatshisface worked Boychuk over pretty good. Few hits I thought would knock Johnny down but it seemed to only make him angrier. He kept trying to throw those sweet Boychupercuts even if he had no room for it. Sweet bout over all. 

Some solid hits.

Brad Marchand stretching his legs before his failed penalty shot was also…ummm.. a highlight?

“Let’s face it,’’ said Julien (via Boston.com). “We gave them the first two goals.’’

Like we said. Game sucked. But the Viewing Party was a lot of fun. We’ll do a post on that later once some more video and pictures of the night surface. Big thanks to everyone who came out last night. We hope you had fun, too, despite the game.