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Greatest Show on Earth. BRUINS WIN!


After Game 2 the NBC dumbass crew said the Bruins "stole" the game. A 6-1 victory is not stealing a game. It is a beat down. The Bruins stole Game 3.

The Penguins out played the Bruins for the majority of the game. The Penguins team we expected to see to start the series finally showed up. Vokoun played his balls off. The Penguins skaters hit FIVE posts. Five. When Malkin wasn't busy being a pansy he was an absolute force. This was a game the Bruins should not have won.

But Rask was Rask. And as they have countless times before, Marchand and Bergeron came through in the end after a FANTASTIC play by Jagr to stop a likely Malkin breakaway. Jagr was an absolute BEAST in overtime. BEAST.

But the Penguins played desperate tonight. It's only going to get worse in Game 4. For now we're going to live off this insane double overtime victory until Friday. 

In Rask We Trust.

– We love that Johnny Boychuk has Shawn Thornton punch him in the head on the way to the ice before each period. Hilarious.

– Jagr's one man cycle against Crosby early in the first. Sure Jagr eventually lost the puck when he ran into Bergeron but it was fun watching him school Crosby.

– The Bruins scored on their first shot of the game for the second game in a row.

– Krejci.

– Krejci.

– Krejci.

– Lucic has certainly gone into Beast mode in the playoffs. Sweet jebus.

– Boychuk showed Morrow and Orpik what clobbering time looks like.

– Marchand likes to dance on that edge of cheap play but he is playing the Penguins like a god damn fiddle this series. Not only is he scoring but he's getting in EVERYONE'S face and throwing the Pens off their game. Hilarious.

– If the Bruins win this series and then the Cup, can Horton, Krejci, Lucic, Rask and Marchand cut the Conn Smythe into five pieces?

– The Bruins penalty kill shutting out the Penguins AGAIN!

– Gregory Campbell has balls the size of grape fruits. Injuries don't stop his P.K. mojo! What an effort. 

– Bruins forgot how to win face-offs apparently. Geez. But they won them when it counted.

– Even the ancient Greeks knew not to mess with the god of awesome, Tuukka Rask! What a game. Again. He was AMAZING.

– The posts.

– This picture even though it wasn't from this game.

– Rask put on a goalie clinic. Him and Krejci are dueling for team MVP. Over 50 saves. RIDICULOUS. Again, In Rask We Trust.

– Thornton trying to get the Bruins extra pumped in OT. Thornton is the man.

– Engelland tried to take out Vokoun on that huge hit on Lucic. That's generally bad buddy.

– Have to give Vokoun credit. He really stepped up for the Penguins. What a goalie duel. He gave the Penguins every chance to win. Posts and Rask man. Posts and Rask.

– Jagr likely saving the fucking game in second OT. Old man had a hell of a game. Seriously. This is why he's not in the press box fools. 

– Marchand comes through again with a sweet pass. Look at those wheels. PATRICE BERGERON!!!!! HE'S MADE OF KRYPTONITE! SCHOOOOOOOOLING BITCHES!

– The Penguins kept talking about improving their defense and then David Krejci alllllllllllll alone less than two minutes into the game. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

– Rare Bergeron face off loss results in Pens first goal of the game. Got beat clean too. It's okay Bergy, you're still a god!

– Bruins PA guy played Nickelback. Fucking AWFUL decision.

– Marchand quite clearly trying to trip Kunitz after the whistle. Stupid penalty with the game tied in the third.

– That Bruins powerplay when Murray went to timeout for slashing. Wow that was ugly. We're talking Justin ugly.

– Seriously. Pittsburgh didn't even have to try on that powerplay. The Bruins killed it themselves.

– The NHL should just fire all the refs. The entire playoffs have been riddled with terrible, awful calls.

– Bruins are great at the penalty kill all around. They kill Pittsburgh's powerplay and their own powerplay.

– That dumb thing NBC was doing on powerplays. WTF?

– Campbell didn't return 😦

– So far in this series Malkin has jumped Bergeron and punched Chara in the back of the head when Chara turned away from him. Hope he runs into Boychuk.

– The posts.

– Did Chara forget how to play hockey at the end of the first OT?

– Hey Bruins, learn how to do line changes PLEASE.