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Hey look, Keith Yandle to Boston rumors are back

Keith Yandle to Boston rumors
We usually stay away from hockey rumors because they’re dumber than Ryan Miller chasing after a loose puck (what?), but we want to talk about something other than the CBA and Tim Thomas going crazy, so…

With a lockout all but official, there’s a new swell of Keith Yandle to the Bruins rumors floating around the Interwebs. And by swell we mean one rumor mill twitter account.

CSNNE.com had a story about a “source” who says the Bruins have an offer on the table to get Yandle. That source would be @HockeyInsiderr who is about as reliable as using Eklund as a source, which is as reliable as Helen Keller telling you how beautiful the sunrise was this morning.

While it wasn’t the first time that Yandle’s name has been linked to the Bruins, a tweet over the weekend from @HockeyyInsiderr brought it back to the surface when he tweeted:
“Also hearing that the #Bruins are actively shopping for a top pair d-man to partner up with Chara. Interested in Yandle and Bouwmeester.”

He later tweeted:

“At this very moment, my Boston source informed me that the #Bruins do not have an offer on the table for Bouwmeester, but have 1 for Yandle.”

Not sure why CSNNE is using a hockey rumor twitter account as a legit source. Welcome to sports journalism in 2012, we guess. DOY GM & ace reporter Patrice Purrgeron has some of his interns confirming the report.

Also from (Not-Jean-Luc) Picard’s post:

Responding to a rumor over the weekend, a source close to Yandle said on Monday night that the two-time All-Star “would love to play for the Bruins.”

So we’re not even getting this from the horse’s mouth. We’re posting what Picard wrote what an unknown source said Yandle said. For all we know he said “I would love to play with a bunch of bruins in Russia during the lockout.” We all know how the Operator game works.

It’d be awesome to see Yandle in a spoked-B sweater. Greg had a post a couple months back on why trading for Yandle would be great for Boston, but we’ll take a new CBA and the NHL starting on time first.