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How Many Krugs Does It Take to Beat Winnipeg? BRUINS WIN!

B's just keep giving the finger to the injury bug. Guys dropping like flies but Bruins continue to win. Seems like it's a different person stepping up every game which is awesome. This time is was Torey "Two Goals" Krug. That's his mob name by the way.

Bruins are generally TERRIBLE at matinee games. Apparently the cure is a teaspoon of Krug with a couple drops of Winnipegisterrible. Sure, Krug had that awful turnover that led to the Jets only goal, but whatever. Kid made up for it big time.

We heard Krug yell TEAM AMERICA FUCK YEAH before jumping on the ice to absolutely DOMINATE the Jets.


– A few days ago Krug gave an interview talking about how he just needed to get back to playing his game and he knew he'd get back on the scoreboard again. Well, just call him Ms. Cleo.

Not even Listerine is going to get the taste of Krug out of Winnipeg's mouth. He was everywhere. Two goals bitch.

– Obviously players HATE sitting out with injuries but Paille must've EXTRA hated it. Since he's come back he's been on fire. Like a cop call in Montreal. Or and elderly person in Vancouver. Great plays, great hustle and great goals like this. ALL ABOUT THE EFFORT!

He also accidently ran a goalie. Early reports out of Buffalo have some guy named Myan Riller calling Paille a human sized piece of poopy and advocating that Paille receive the death penalty.

Oh wait sorry. According to the rest of the league everything the Bruins do is super dirty and premeditated. So Paille must've planned this days in advance. Since Paille is a nice guy, we're guessing he was attempting a mercy killing because Pavelec is an awful goalie.

– Another great game by Boychuk. Four shots on goal and five hits, including this one. If he was a WWF wrestler his finishing move would be called The Widow Maker.

– Rumor has it that Boychuk is opening a restaurant where he'll serve only the meat from his victims. Based on how hard he pounds them, we're betting that victim meat is going to be EXTRA tender. Yummy!

–  Reilly Smith continues to be insanely awesome. So far he's been the best part of the Seguin hands down. Not only that, but he's chipping in offense while still playing well in Claude's system. Fantastic pick up.

We're starting to be convinced this isn't just a hot streak, but rather the kind of thing we should expect from Smith in the years ahead.

– Bartkowski with an awesome "stick save." Since he's from Pittsburgh we're surprised he wasn't using that stick for a cheap shot, but awesome play. Likely saved a goal.

– Chara has been one feisty mofo this season. More so than usual we thinks. Thursday night he's holding down guys on the ice yelling in their face to knock off their shit. Today he's fighting. Are we the only ones that notice when Chara does get in a fight, his opponent immediately just tries to use Chara's height to make him trip? Great survival move we guess. Chara's fists are known to cause long term death like injuries.

– Though Florek has a pretty good game in his limited ice time. The kid has speed which, beating dead horse, the Bruins need. Paille and Spooner can't skate every shift. And that screen on Krug's goal was perfect. We heart players who aren't afraid to go near the net.

– Rask. 

– Tuukka.

– Tuukka Rask.

– Shawn "Wayne" Thornton

– I still miss Mark Stuart 😦 His hip check is a thing of beauty. On the downside, we see that his still has intense anger management issues. And fists like Hulk. Jeebus. Heart you Mark.

– Matt Fraser, we love the effort. Really. We do. But from what we've seen so far, you are NOT the type of guy that should be fighting. Much like Campbell, your face seems to be a mere punching bag. Please stop.


– How hot is Greg?

– Is Rask human?

– Why are the Bruins so awesome?

– Did the Bruins really play well at a matinee game?

– Really?!

– Knock Knock?

Who's there?

Shut up.