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Introducing Patrice Purrgeron’s Dumbass Bruins Mailbag

We, the Days of Y’Orr staff, hate when sports reporters do mailbags. They’re lame. They’re the “Man on the Street” of the Internet age. We really don’t understand the point of them beyond getting cheap hits for ad revenue, and the questions usually suck.

So, of course, we have to do our own. We’d be doing you all a grave injustice otherwise.

Sometime this month we’ll be debuting “Patrice Purrgeron’s Dumbass Bruins Mailbag” and we’re looking for your dumbass Bruins questions for our feline investigative reporter to answer.We’d answer them ourselves but, let’s be honest, only experts can do mailbags and Purrgeron is in the know. We’re just bums that sit in Sec306.

The Qs can be questions you have on your mind (serious or not… we don’t care), things you overheard said/asked by dumbasses pretending to know what they’re talking about, or just random crap that pops into your head. Anything and everything is fair game. We’re not sure where we’re going with this; we just know we want it to be awesome.

Shoot your questions/thoughts about the Bruins, life, and our moms to daysofyorr@gmail.com or tweet us: @JustinDOY, @JonFDOY, @RobbPizzDOY.