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It’s cool to cross-check people in the face

Ovechkin cross-check Seidenberg face
This weekend was Free Cross-Check to the Face Weekend for the NHL Playoffs. First we have Alexander Ovechkin nailing Dennis Seidenberg right in the kisser with a wicked cross-check.

And then Arron Asham nailed Braydon Schenn after Schenn ran Martin hard.

Suspensions for either? No hearing for Ovie and Asham is, of course, TBD. That entire Pens-Pitt game was one giant, hot mess. Can’t wait for Lemieux to write a letter saying he’s selling his team for that “garage league” performance.

And while people are shitting themselves over the Asham hit, we can’t help but remember when Milan Lucic got suspended for similar hit a few years back.

Of course, that was back during the Frontier Days of the NHL Disciplinary System. Now it’s just the Wild West. Who knows what’ll happen. Only that Shanny is probably gonna quit because of all the crap that happened this weekend.