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Come on man, like you didn’t know that this was going to happen. With the way the last two month’s of the season ended, it is only proper for the NHL Gods to place the Bruins and Habs in the first round of this year’s playoffs to battle like two warriors. Days of Y’Orr wanted this match-up in the worst way. When the Bruins play Montreal, it brings out the best in us because we can’t stand the Montreal fanbase. They’re known for their obnoxious, crybaby, toddler like ways of handling players, games and fans of other teams. They may be the worst fan base, not only in hockey, but in the realm of sports. Unlike the New York Yankees (an annoying fanbase), the Boston Red Sox (full of pink hats) and other teams, the Habs haven’t won a Stanley Cup in this decade, however their fans will talk about the 1992-1993 season like it just happened yesterday. The worst thing about that is that most of them weren’t born or weren’t old enough to remember the 1992-1993 season. It would be like me talking about Bobby Orr and the 1972 season like I was there. Fact: I wasn’t even alive then.

To top that all off, they’re fucking pussies. When Matt Cooke elbowed Marc Savard and smashed his brains into the consistency of pudding, Bruins fans were not on the phone calling 911 and demanding for the head of Matt Cooke. We weren’t sending death threats to his family, his wife, his children and wishing they’d die in a plane crash. We sat in front of the TV, horror-stricken and in disbelief that something so savage could happen on the ice. That’s it. We had a NATURAL fan reaction and not the reaction of a 3 year old with ADD hopped up on Red Bull and Monster energy drinks.

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In retro-spect, that was the greatest thing that could even happen to Days of Y’Orr. We were sent threats over Twitter, death threats via e-mail and had a wonderful insight into the mind of the Montreal fan. We found out a multitude of things, including but not limited too:

1. Montreal fans can read players’ minds
2. Zdeno Chara is a blood thirsty, cold hearted killer that maticulously came to the arena early and planned this hit out. We’re pretty sure he also had blue prints of the Bell Centre so he could hide hostages after the game and wait until Jean Claude Van Damme, disguised as a goalie, defeated him. (If you get this reference, I will love you forever).
3. Max Paccioretty is the second coming of Maurice Richard, Guy Lafleur, Elmer Lach and Dickie Moore all rolled into one, with just a touch of Jesus Christ in him.

So yeah, consider me salivating at this match-up like a rabid Rottweiler having a baby with steak pinned to it’s clothes being waved in front of me. I can’t help it, I crave this. I crave the emotions of the second season, while my highlighter orange beard attempts to grow in, screaming at the TV when a penalty occurs and scaring the ever loving mess out of my daughter. It’s playoff hockey and I drink every moment in and it always goes down smooth.

So when it comes to the Canadiens and Bruins match-up, I’m not going to throw stats in your face because they don’t mean anything. The fact the Bruins were 2-4 against this team in the regular season, but ended 2-1 over the last three games (including a 7-0 victory on the Garden ice) isn’t relevant anymore. The scores, the stats, the wins and losses to mean anything anymore. The only thing that truly matters from the regular season is the emotion…and this series should have tons of it.

I’m predicting the Bruins in five games. I’ll put myself out there, I’ve done it enough here that I’m used to the backlash if I’m wrong. The Bruins are a more physical team with much better depth than the Canadiens. They also play a better defensive game, though the goaltending is a wash. I think the Bruins are just a better team. Call me a homer. I don’t care.

Also, wtf is a Youppi?